Maintenance & Repair Services

Service Package

These are many benefits to having service performed by our expert reel technicians. IRT’s reel technicians have over 30 years of assembly and repair experience. They have the right tools to complete service work and only use the highest quality lubricants, designed specifically to withstand  the harsh saltwater fishing environment. Our staff will carefully inspect all of the reels components and notify you if anything is found to be at the service limit. Proper service helps prevent costly repairs, or even worse, the loss of a trophy catch!

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IRT Fishing Reel Maintenance and Repair

service_1IRT Reels proudly offers fishing reel maintenance and repair services to customers.

Innovative Reel Technologies, Ltd. suggests that customers complete regular maintenance of their reels. Frequency will be determined by overall use and standard wear and tear on the reel. If the reel is used primarily for salt water fishing, additional maintenance may be required to maintain product appearance and function.

Immediately upon return from a salt water fishing trip, IRT reels should be cleaned in warm soapy water. A light film of IRT oil, provided with each reel should be applied to all exterior surfaces and moving parts to ensure proper function.

Reels should be dried thoroughly after each use.

Reels should be stored in the supplied case, but must be dried before they are stored.

Annual service, completed by the IRT team is also recommended. Please visit Why Choose IRT? for additional information on our service capabilities.

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