IRT Exclusive Technology


At IRT, we take pride in our patented technology because it makes your fishing experience better. We already feel that we have the best reels in the market, and we have the testimonials to prove it. However, we believe in constant improvement of our products and continually look for new ways to advance our reels. Some of our exclusive technology is not yet listed here because it is patent pending. Keep on the lookout for our new patents as we post them here.

Fishing Reel Leg ( SPINNING POWER GRIP ™ )

Patent Number: US D560,267 S
Filed: July 14, 2006
Assigned: January 22, 2008

generation-2-spin-power-gripThe SPINNING POWER GRIP ™ was designed and patented with 2 main goals: LEVERAGE and ERGONOMICS.

Generation 2
After reviewing feedback that was gathered through extensive field testing, Innovative Reel Technologies has made design enhancements to our patented Spinning Power Grip™ technology. The first generation of SPG featured finger grooves on the underside of the reel foot. The second generation of the SPG has eliminated the finger grooves for a sleeker, more universal design that is compatible with hands of all shapes and sizes. These changes improve the SPG’s main goals: providing additional leverage and comfortable ergonomics. The SPG was originally designed to provide an improved grip around the rod by eliminating a bulky reel foot in the middle of the angler’s hand. The next generation SPG continues the trend of innovation leading to a better angling experience.

Method for Manufacturing of A Fishing Reel

Patent Number: US 7,886,588 B2
Filed: December 21, 2006
Assigned: June 26, 2008

This invention is a method for manufacturing a spinning reel from an extrusion and in particular the frame or housing of a spinning reel. The method comprises the steps of providing a single long bar single extrusion, the extrusion includes two regions, a first region comprises a hollow, tube-like portion and a second region comprises a filled portion, the filled portion extending exterior of the hollow portion and transverse to the longitude axis of the second region, cutting a blank from the end of the extrusion to form a blank and machining the blank to provide a frame or housing of a spinning reel. The invention is also directed to a spinning reel frame formed by an extrusion.

Customization Options

IRT's customization options allow you to create a reel that is unique to your personality. Three different design options are also available for the reel seat, handle crank arm, spool type, and drag knob, and you can to select the color of 5 different parts.

Spool Types


IRT Spools are available in slotted, holed, or waved designs and in all IRT anodized colors.



IRT Handles are available in slotted, holed, or rubber comfort grip design. The rubber comfort option is only available in black, but the slotted and holed options are available in all IRT anodized color options.

Unique Serial Numbers


All IRT Reels feature a serial number that is unique to that individual reel.