Fishing Reel Testimonials

Below are fishing reel testimonials by customers, sports fishermen, and boat captains that have used IRT’s reels.

I truly do not see how [the reels] continue to take the abuse the big fish we catch with them continue to give them. If they were not precision designed with the best materials possible and built to the standards they are, they would have been "toast" a long time ago.

Fishing Reels            

My biggest problem is keeping rods and line from breaking under the loads. To quote an old commercial, (I'm telling my age now), "they take a lickin'.... and keep on tickin'!!!" That reminds me, if you guys keep building reels of this quality, you need to design some rods for them that can hold up like the reels do!!!! I will have to say that you continue to amaze me with the reels you produce!!! [...] I am honored and humbled at the same time that you think enough of us to test your products. 

The reels stir up some excitement on the charter boat, especially after it whips a big fish's butt!! [...] I'm just excited about your Reels and the technology that you design into them. Again, do not hesitate to contact me if I can help in any way!!  

Fish On!!!!

Capt. Butch Foster // 


IMG_1236-web_catchHere is the result of my first fishing trip with your reel. A nice 22lb Bull Dorado from the Bahamas. Wish the fish was larger to really test the reel’s capability. I was pleased with the smooth operation and comfortable grip of the reel. The drag operation was smooth on the initial high speed run of the fish. The best feature of the reel is the fact that it is not reversible so it has a smoother cranking operation with no handle jerk action. Tuna season is approaching, so I am looking forward to seeing what level of punishment your reel can take.

- Ray Reinhard P.E.

ryan_cookAbsolutely loving testing your new fly reels! Chasing toothy fresh water monsters (Northern Pike) in Southern Alberta. In 28 years of slinging flys, I have never even seen let alone used a reel with such an incredible drag system! ZERO LAG or DELAY in the tension release and reel side drag adjustment so you NEVER have to push pause on the fight to adjust your tension. All you salt water fly folk, keep your eyes on these guys. You may never lose another Bone Fish or Permit due to that slight delay in you drag again! Did I mention the reel is made in the USA and it's machined NOT cast!  The name says it all: INNOVATIVE REEL TECHNOLOGIES! Oh yeah and to top it all off, the reel is Dead Sexy to boot! 
Keep up the great work!

- R. Cook
"The Tug Dealer"


IRT-Champions_2Hey Greg,

You should know that your reels and our team placed 4th out of 68 teams in the Annual Bull & Cow. The fishing community has its ear turned to IRT. We will be fishing the the Mother's Day Dolphin Tourney, giving your gear further exposure. We will be one of two hundred boats. Keep you posted and forward pics.

- Captain Michael E Webb // Sea Dog Charters


Stripper_1Just wanted to share with you a pic of my first striper from the surf. 37 inches, 20 pounds off the surf in the Cape Henlopen park. I caught it on the first reel Greg gave me. I caught a shorter one on the newer reel as well as a much larger fish that snapped my line when I got it into the rolling surf.


- Frank Tobias

The IRT Spinning reel was introduced to me by an employee of INNOVATIVE REEL TECHNOLOGIES by Jason on a charter, they were in the prototype phase and he wanted to test it out. Capt. Chris and I looked at the magenta spinning reel and thought, 'well this won't last very long with a big fish attached to the other end!' Boy, were we wrong! After Jason boated a few large King Mackerel and we saw how this reel performed, I was trying to purchase it before he got off the boat; however, it wasn't for sale yet since it was still in the testing phase...I had to have some of these reels, so I contacted IRT REELS and soon we received 2 of these reels. I was still concerned that they would have trouble holding up on a daily basis on a Charter boat as this is the next thing that's almost as hard on equipment as the ocean itself. Well, now it's 5 years later and they have most definitely been 'put to the test' and still stand up to the toughest fight with an Amberjack, Mahi-Mahi, or what ever else we challenge it to do.

Fishing Reels            

We use our IRT reels quite a bit for vertical jigging, some of the toughest abuse that can be put on a spinning reel, and time and time again they come out on top boating trophy fish and creating lasting memories for our crew members!

I now tell my fishermen when they get a big fish hooked up to give it all you got, but, be careful. The reason to be careful is that they most likely can't stand the pressure very long that you can put on a fish with IRT REELS and as for the rods, well, when you buy a rod for these reels to go after big fish, just be sure to get a spare rod as well. You just might need it!!!!

These reels are top of the line, 2nd to none, and will not let you down when that trophy fish is on the other end of the line and superior performance matters most! Keep on building quality reels that perform great, and I will at least not have to worry about this piece of my tackle arsenal letting me down. Thanks guys, you build the best I have ever used!!! God Bless You All!!!

- Capt. Chris and Capt. Butch Foster // Southport, NC // Yeah Right Charters

If you're in the Carolinas, take a day and join Captain Butch Foster for a great day of tight lines! They were also kind enough to share some video of the reels in action over the past years. Check out their full youtube channel at Yeah Right Charters.