Our mission is to infuse the fishing reel industry with fresh new ideas, help consumers think outside the box, and produce top quality fishing products — all using American ingenuity.

IRT Company History

Innovative Reel Technologies, Ltd. began as a dream to create the most durable, high performance, aluminum machined, American-made fishing reel available. Greg Header, our president, chose to team up with Tim Wiest, one of the most talented aluminum fishing reel designers in the country with 20 years of experience in the industry, to create unique and efficient reels. These spinning reels were in development for over 5 years while we invested time and hard work to produce durable custom reels complete with all of the options desired by the most dedicated fishermen.

While other premier reel builders moved to China, we kept our engineering, development, and manufacturing right here in the US. We know that each rod, reel, and piece of tackle holds memories of monumental catches and great days spent with family and friends, and our goal is to create a durable reel for sport and hobby fishermen alike to last a lifetime of memories.

Manufactured in Pine Grove, PA, USA.


State of the Art Facility

IRT makes active strides to ensure not only the team and products reflect environmental sustainability, but the facility itself as well. The building is wrapped in a transom window pattern and includes a vast roof skylight that illuminates the first and second floor in order to utilize as much natural light as possible. Low VOC paint is used on the office walls, and high performing insulation is incorporated to maintain the building’s temperature. The floor is comprised of carpet and linoleum tiles that can be individually replaced and the ceiling is designed with exposed beams, allowing any lighting or wiring issues to be fixed with minimal maintenance. IRT recycles as many items as possible, including food compost and manufacturing materials, along with standard recyclable items like plastic, paper, and cardboard. The recycled compost is used to fertilize the lawn and onsite greenhouses, which are fed by cisterns that collect rainwater. The office space itself has even been furnished with used, recycled, and reconditioned desks, chairs, and cubicles. Even the bathrooms are designed with green in mind: low flow toilets, recycled content paper products, and foam soap, which requires far fewer chemicals than standard soap. Since standard trash bags are not recyclable, IRT eliminated them in all trash cans, with the exception of the cafeteria. For cleaning, vinegar and water are the products of choice to keep IRT sparkling. Living and working green both at home and the office is embedded in IRT’s way of life.

IRT Reels

The Beginning

The Idea

Brainstorming and incubation period.

July 2006

Patent Applied

Fishing Reel Leg Patent Applied Powergrip™

Patent Number 29262957


Company Launch

Greg Header launches Innovative Reel Technologies

July 2008

New Design

IRT Reels introduces innovative "Strike Saver" drag design

March 2011

First Reel Sold

First IRT Reel is sold


New Reel Design

New Fly Fishing reel design patented


Best Products

Continues to provide the best products in the industry.