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Keeping you in the fight longer, IRT provides quality products with patented technologies designed to help you to catch a variety of fish. Founded in 2007, IRT has created numerous products over the years and we listen to our loyal customers in order to continuously improve and make our reels the best in the industry.

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Want the most innovative American manufactured aluminum spinning reel available on the market today? You came to the right place. After nearly ten years in development, IRT spinning fishing reels are available for sale. These unique reels provide the utmost in flexibility and customization. Body style, color, and overall design are customizable to give you the chance to create a one of a kind fishing machine. The IRT reel is manufactured from 6000 Series aluminum and has an anodized finish to minimize the corrosion and damage that occurs in a salt water environment.

These reels are designed and manufactured for use in both salt and fresh water applications, depending upon model selection.

IRT Reels are Made In the U.S.A. Our dedicated production and development teams will work with you to provide the highest quality customer and product service in the industry today. Depending on the yearly use of your reel, IRT recommends it be sent to our home office in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania for an annual service.

Service provided by IRT’s expert personnel includes maintenance from normal wear and tear to severe damage from a rough fishing trip. IRT can also make adjustments to the drag, gear operation, and reel balance, just to name a few.

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Innovative Reel Technologies

Located in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania our manufacturing facility contains some of the most state of the art equipment and our building is LEED Gold certified which means its extremely efficient with using its own power sources and produces less emissions than a typical manufacturer.